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Stewart Warren conjured up Mercury HeartLink in 1994, a heartfelt triad of his background in counseling, his love of the written word, and his expertise in technology. Here is his introduction:


Established in 1994, Mercury HeartLink evolved from HeartLink Integration Therapy, a family system counseling practice and healing events enterprise.  At that time activities were expanded to include internet-based projects and printing solutions fostering humanistic values and creative access to information.

As an alternative to large commercial publishing houses and the unguided and less professional endeavors of self-publishing, Mercury HeartLink works closely with writers and other artists to offer solutions that are client-centered and to provide support in the larger realm of self-realization.

Mercury HeartLink welcomes individual and collaborative works of educational, cultural and community value. These may include creative non-fiction, memoir and poetry, but all have two things in common: an authenticity on the part of the author and a responsibility for positive social impact.


Stewart S. Warren,
Silver City, New Mexico




Fast forward to 2021: a year after Stewart’s passing, I suddenly realized that the time was right for me to rebirth HeartLink in my own iteration, utilizing the toolbelt acquired on my journey. In addition to time spent listening to Stewart’s passionate collaboration with clients by phone, we both loved the ensuing exchange of inspiration and brainstorming about projects (both his and my own). I now realize that this was vital fodder for my ultimately continuing the business myself. My background in art and design, sales, marketing, business ownership, and working with clients on custom furnishing projects both commercial and residential, all inform my current partnerships with clients — a process that I find endlessly satisfying, as each writer and I find our way through the publishing of a book that they have imagined, with lessons flowing in both directions every time. Mercury HeartLink continues in Stewart’s tradition of authenticity and intention for positive social impact.

You can see past projects of Stewart’s and mine HERE. Please reach out to discuss how we can breathe life into your vision, using our CONTACT page.  I would be glad to set up a visit by phone or zoom as well. 


Pamela Warren Williams

Silver City, New Mexico

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       Additional Services

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