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A Love Letter From the Forest

to you, through me
by Telma Guedes Laurentino

Have you seen the night owl silently fly by? Have you heard the patter of falling autumn leaves or the call of a chimp? Have you smelled fox musk, or tasted wild nettles? Telma G. Laurentino embodies the voices and poems of the forest and shares how these moments changed her and inspired her deep and irreversible love for the Earth. She takes us on a multisensory journey along the tree of life, across 5 continents. Through joy and heartbreak, alone or in community, she listens deeply to the forest, to her evolutionary kin, who seem to always hold the answers that nourish healing, growth, and grounding. In this love letter from the forest, science and spirit, prose and poem, interlace in a deep testimony of life as an eternal journey to find oneself, to find purpose, wonder, and belonging, with nature as our most generous and loving teacher. 

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