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Tarot — Making the Invisible Visible

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Hieros Gamos: Benediction of the Tarot

Hieros Gamos

Pointing to my Heart

All Love Goes Before Me

Powers & Patterns: poems from the Tarocchi de Mantegna

Powers & Patterns


Way of the Current: Tarot Reflections, Stewart Warren

Way of the Current



"Encouraging Exploration of the Self"

Way of the Current review by Elizabeth Anderson for Aeclectic Tarot

"Warren takes a spiritual approach that encourages exploration of the Self and the Universe. Those who meditate on the Tarot for these reasons may find a great trove of prompts and insights in his card entries..."

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Tarot Session — Focused Conversation with Stewart Warren

Sometimes called "The Mirror of the Soul", Tarot offers the teachings of Ageless Wisdom, and an experience of personal access to deeper meanings and higher truths present within you.  Using Tarot as a symbolic map of consciousness and a representation of life passages, you are invited to enter into conversation with your Inner School.

Drawing on a lifetime of investigation and teaching, and 25 years of direct experience with a variety of spiritual and psychological modalities, I offer my services as coach and witness using the Tarots as a focus for our work.  Professional ethics apply.

This Focused Conversation runs no more than an hour for a private session in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. Conjoint or partner readings are available. Call to discuss an appointment: 505.881.2499.

This is not predictions but a mutually intuitive exploration of the influences and patterns presenting themselves in your life today.  It is an opportunity to engage more fully and more responsibly in the Great Work, which is your life.  It’s about recognizing and making choices that are in accord with spiritual principles and in alignment with your highest good.  This conversation, therefore, is about Love.



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"Tree of Life & Lights" YouTube Video

Click for Gra Tree of Life & Lights Video"This 9-minute program takes us through the basic structure of the Tree of Life, but instead of contracting it into the limited form that it was given during the Hermetic Era, Stewart's presentation uses sacred geometry to expand the Tree into the majestic, cosmic projection of unlimited consciousness that we are all a part of. Stewart then proceeds to lay out the Alef-Bet, the Hebrew Alphabet, along the traditionally assigned Qabbalistic pathways between the Sephiroth, correlating them with the Continental Tarot Major Arcana and drawing in the planetary and zodiacal relationships.

"Stewart's "Tree of Life & Lights" presentation is a compelling visual statement of how cosmic energy flows in, around, and through us and all of creation; is dynamic and moving in all directions simultaneously; inward and outward all at once. The musical accompaniment is from "Shamanic Dream I/II" by Anugama and is a perfect background for viewing this short program."

—Cheryl Ryder, Tarotist, and teacher/seeker of native and mystic arts.


Stewart Warren, writer, evocateur
Stewart S. Warren
writer, evocateur, catalyst for positive community

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"Indeed, there is reason, meaning and purpose to a life."


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