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humanKind by Stewart S. Warren

humanKind: poems from inner and outer space

Stewart Warren's latest collection, HumanKind, offers a poetry that revolves quite beautifully, quite comfortably, in the numinous universe of two great mystic poets of the English language, William Blake and W. B. Yeats, who share with Warren a fascination and facility for cloaking the rich wisdom of the mystery schools in the garb of their time.

[from the Introduction by Rachel Kellum]

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A Playshop at

June 8th in Albuquerque

 The main purpose of this playshop is to provide conditions
for accessing, integrating and celebrating our divine inner wisdom.

Using art, writing and discussion, we'll find new ways to examine
and understand difficult life events though alternative perspectives.

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Three new Tarot Poetry Books from Stewart Warren

All Love Goes Before Me

Pointing to my Heart
Hieros Gamos: Benediction of the Tarot
Hieros Gamos

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Tzimtzum poetry anthology

Tzimtzum New Publication from Mercury HeartLink
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Tzimtzum: 5 contemporary poets lends us their hearts is an anthology of elemental voices, of musings and personal explorations that speak in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th person perspectives concomitant with our emerging self.  Speaking in tones that are ancient in wisdom and fresh in narrative, these five writers form the rays of a star that shines within the initiated, within those of us who perceive both our greatness and our smallness and who will not settle for false assumptions.

From San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to St. Paul, Minnesota and from the American Southwest, both rural and urban, each author has contributed a score of poems and included their own introduction, giving the reader an opportunity to befriend the poet and settle into their craft and high art.  Included here are the works of aaron a. abeyta, Tani Arness, Richard Broderick, Judyth Hill and Katherine DiBella Seluja. These writers speak unabashedly of love and of death, and in so doing make invitation to experience our tragedies, deceits and glories as veils, stations and gifts along a journey of miraculous unfoldment.  They do the work of poets—they reflect the mysterious wonder and unbelievable fortune of being in a body, on a planet, all together—and knowing it.


Stewart Warren, writer, evocateurStewart S. Warren
writer, evocateur, catalyst for positive community

A Focused Conversation using Tarot

Interview with Bob King of Colorado Poets Center

Poetry books and recordings by Stewart on this site

"Indeed, there is reason, meaning and purpose to a life."



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